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Miami-Dade County


This Anchor Alliance Partner uses the following language when communicating about business opportunities.

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Vendors: the businesses that register with this institution to provide the goods and services it needs.

Solicitation or Invitation to Bid: a notification detailing the goods and/or services the county is planning to purchase. These often include important information that a vendor needs to know in order to fulfill this request.

Request for Proposals (RFPs): Similar to a solicitation or Invitation to Bid, but a Request for Proposal is issued when the entire scope of work is unclear or cannot be fully defined by the county.

Bids or Proposals: the responses the institution has received from businesses for the solicitations it has posted.

Procurement: the process of handling all purchases and relationships with supplier/vendors/bidders. Procurement is handled through the county’s Internal Services Department.

Special Tips

Additional information that can help you get started with anchor partners.

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Miami-Dade County has an extensive online Vendor Registration portal with useful information about doing business with the county.

Many anchors, including this one, use a service called BidSync to post new business opportunities. By registering with BidSync, you will be able to see new and existing opportunities for many organizations and institutions.

  • Create a free account on BidSync via this link. You will be asked to verify your email and select the types of goods and services your small business provides, then you can search each anchor partner individually.
  • Note: BidSync will only show certain opportunities via the free account, you may need to sign up for a paid account to see all solicitations. All opportunities for this anchor partner will be visible via the free account.

About this toolkit and other Anchor Alliance partners

Review information about the Anchor Alliance toolkit or select another partner below to learn about other business opportunities.

Get Ready To Do Business


Start by registering with Miami-Dade County as a vendor:

Step 1: Confirm your business is not already registered with Miami-Dade County, by searching using your FEIN or Business Name

Step 2: If you are not registered, gather the documents and information you will need

  • If you find a registration record for your business, update your information here.

Step 3: Register your business online

Miami-Dade County has a Vendor Outreach and Support team available to help. Email them at or call (305) 375-5773 with any questions you may have.

Special Certifications

Certain small businesses may be eligible for certifications that help them be more competitive as vendors. Examples include minority-owned or women-owned business certifications, or certifications for businesses located within designated zones.

Many anchor partners accept certifications from other entities and/or offer their own certification program. See below for information on the certification this institution works with and how to get your business certified.

Miami-Dade County administer their own race and gender neutral Small Business Enterprise Certification.

The county also participates in two federal programs:

More information on support for getting certified

Find Opportunities

How to find new opportunities

Miami-Dade County posts solicitations on their county site as well as BidSync.

Once you complete the Small Business Enterprise Certification process, you will:

  • Receive bid opportunities directly via email. 
  • Have a Technical Assistance Coordinator assigned to your business to help with all county needs.
  • Be able to register for pre-qualification pools (ie, groups of vendors qualified to provide specific goods or services in advance) and have access to special contracts which typically have short turn-around times or driven by immediate need. See more information on county contracts and pre-qualification pools here.

Successful Bids

See examples of successful past proposals that were awarded a contract:


This Anchor Alliance Partner hosts or participates in ‘matchmaking events’ where you can meet and talk with representatives from different departments.

Miami-Dade County will coordinate matchmaking sessions when needed or requested. Contact or call 305-375-3111 with requests.

Build Relationships

Connect with procurement professionals

Developing and maintaining positive relationships with representatives in various departments within this institution could help you resolve problems more quickly and ultimately be more successful.

Get support with certifications and other opportunities

The county’s Small Business Division can help with many questions and requests. Call (305) 375-3111 for general info or reach out the Business Outreach and Education Section Chief Lawanda Wright-Robinson at or