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Meet Brandon Okpalobi, Owner of Siyanse

Siyanse has been operating since 2022 and offers students the tools to dream bigger and understand the complex world around them through hands-on STEM education.
President of Siyanse, Brandon Okpalobi holding Siyanse STEM kits (left). Siyanse STEM kits stacked on one another (right).

What is the origin story of your business?

For nearly a decade, I’ve been an advocate for STEM education, aiming to provide quality, engaging activities to often under-resourced students and communities. Through my nonprofit, Dibia DREAM, we’ve reached more than 20,000 students, introducing them to industry professionals and mentors, providing college scholarships, and encouraging scholars to see the fun in science.

During the pandemic, Dibia DREAM shifted to a virtual model, and we saw an uptick in registration across the globe. The interest and need for hands-on, screen-free STEM learning inspired me to create Siyanse. It’s my mission to make science accessible and fun for curious scholars.

What is your favorite thing about being a small business owner? 

I love the rush of entrepreneurship. The competitiveness, the excitement when we engage youth, the change we are making, and the ability to answer to no one. It’s the 4th quarter...eight seconds left, and the ball is in my hands to hit the game-winning shot. The thrill of winning to ensure youth have a better life is what drives me. As a business owner, you have to find what drives you.

What is your best piece of advice for fellow business owners? 

​​Get a strong team, build them up, lead them, and let them in on the small, medium, and large details. Hire greatness. Do it scared! Become an expert in your field. Have the Mamba Mentality.

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Photo provided by Siyanse

Posted: January 10, 2023