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Meet Michelle Singh, Owner of LCT-E Learning Solutions™️

Building a Brighter Future: Michelle Singh's Impact on Miami's Education Landscape
Business owner of LCT-E Learning Solutions™️ (Michelle Singh)

We all have cherished memories of the teachers who left an indelible mark on our lives. These educators encouraged us, inspired us, and left a lasting impression. For many teachers, this impact motivates them to take on the formidable and demanding task of educating our youth.

Michelle Singh of LCT-E Learning Solutions™️ is on a mission to help teachers build quality relationships with their students by bridging cultural gaps. Her business levels the playing field in education for students of color, who represent 54% of all students and often find themselves lagging in every educational marker.

The education landscape has undergone a seismic shift recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic completely altering classroom dynamics. Now, as students return to school, teachers and school administrators face the daunting challenge of managing the pandemic's impact while engaging students and enhancing academic performance.

Michelle is driven by her passion to help students excel, particularly those who often sit in the back of classrooms with their heads held low and their voices subdued. She understands their challenges firsthand. At the age of nine, Michelle moved from Jamaica to Miami, Florida, where she struggled to adapt to the U.S. school system. She experienced ridicule for being different and lacked teachers who understood her unique background. However, one teacher, Ms. Fernandez, changed the course of young Michelle's life by shifting her perspective on her future and the process of learning. 

An educator with over two decades of experience, Michelle witnessed the untapped potential within her students. She created opportunities for them to showcase their learning through various mediums, including art, storytelling, and technology. She vividly remembers one exceptionally gifted boy in her class who presented a project as an open-mic poem, donning a costume to bring his narrative to life. This student thrived in her class yet faltered in others because he was not allowed to demonstrate his learning in a manner aligned with his natural strengths.

Michelle reflects, "A lot of kids are sitting in classrooms that are very traditional in their learning and assessments, and they don't tap into students' strengths. Some students are very community-driven. Collaborative learning is important; in some classrooms, that's just not part of the curriculum."

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Michelle transitioned to a role as a consultant for Microsoft, specializing in teacher training. During this phase, she discovered a glaring gap in teacher training programs – a deficiency in addressing the diverse needs of students. The straw that broke the camel’s back was reliving the echoes of her childhood experience through her daughter, whose brilliance was not recognized in the classroom. 

Michelle launched LCT-E Learning Solutions™️ and the EQUAL Methodology™️ in 2020 to empower teachers by providing tools and strategies for students to excel socially, emotionally, academically, and culturally. Michelle takes pride in her commitment to holistic instruction for teachers and students alike. However, running an education-focused business has its challenges. The pandemic caused schools to move from online learning to in-person again, requiring program adaptations. Legislative changes in Florida have necessitated shifts in messaging and branding.

Looking ahead, Michelle envisions expanding her services to cater to individual teachers, ensuring they have access to training without financial constraints. Initiatives like the Restful Teacher Life Collection reflect her commitment to a holistic approach to teacher development with a focus on their well-being. According to a 2022 Gallup Poll, 44% of US K-12 teachers report feeling burnt out often or always. Michelle hopes to provide relief to teachers who desperately need rest and self-care. 

Michelle's career was built on partnerships. She takes the same approach when leveraging Miami-Dade County resources. Organizations like the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, The Small Business Development Center, South-Dade Connections, and Miami Bayside Foundation's 12-week program have provided Michelle with critical support, from financial education to marketing assistance. 

She engaged in the YWCA’s We360 program, gaining insights into effective pitching techniques, and achieved 3rd place in the local competition and 2nd place in the national competition. She received a grant from MDEAT for first place in the Victory Lap Pitch Competition. Michelle learned about government contracting at the Black Professionals Network conference, where she was sponsored to attend by the Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce. As a result, she earned her Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certificate. 

Michelle is also a Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program alumni. She says, “This program was incredible in helping me develop and map out a plan to execute my growth opportunity for the individual teacher support I am now offering with the Restful Teacher. The funding I received from first place in the Citibank Pitch Competition with the Urban League of Broward County helped to get this program running.”

These networks not only provided resources but also valuable opportunities. Michelle recommends exploring the possibilities even if your ideal client may not attend networking events or participate in Miami-Dade programs. She says, "There's nothing to lose if you just sign up and see what you can gain. It could be a relationship you're cultivating or meeting someone you can partner with in the future.”

In the heart of Miami, Michelle Singh and LCT-E Learning Solutions™️ advocate for educational equity. Michelle's journey from immigrant student to transformative educator and entrepreneur continues to pave the way for a brighter future in education.

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Written by Emily De Armas

Photo provided by LCT-E Learning Solutions™️