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Meet Melissa Laratte, Owner of Rebel Boutik

With a mission to make every customer happy, Rebel Boutik prioritizes customer experience and has a wide variety of options for sale through its online shop.
Small business owner, in a yellow hat

We asked Melissa a few questions about being a small business owner in Miami. Check out her responses below:

Why did you initially choose to start your business?

When the pandemic first hit the US, I was out of a job and struggling a lot. I did not expect that everything would happen so fast. I was scared I’d become sick with COVID and I became a teacher to my 6 year old son. Each day, I was worrying a lot about what might happen tomorrow because I didn't have a plan B. At that moment, I told myself I have to do something. I can't sit and wait anymore. I’ve always admired my mother, in the way that she wears her clothes and accessories everyday. From there, I did some research on how to start a business. I learned a lot from my research and I went through the process of registering my business under the name REBEL BOUTIK LLC. This was in January 2021, when I officially became a Small Business Owner!

What is your best piece of advice for fellow business owners? 

The beginning won't be easy, so it is important to remind yourself, I know where I am going and nothing can stop me.

Tell us about a great program, organization, or opportunity that really helped you and your business.

I am so grateful to have been a part of a few wonderful programs: Miami-Dade College Idea Center's ScaleUp program, StartUP FIU and Bank of America’s training, Miami Bayside Foundation, Operation Hope, and ScaleUp 305. They all gave me so many tools that have helped my business succeed. 

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Photo provided by Rebel Boutik

Posted September 27, 2022