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Meet Erdina Francillon, Owner of Pressy

The Growth Solution for Miami’s Local Event Vendors
Owner of Pressy (Erdina Francillon)

It's no secret Miami is a city that likes to celebrate. Chances are you've been a guest at an engagement party, baby shower, backyard birthday, or corporate event. And who is behind all of those events? Most of the planning responsibility falls to women, the Chief Celebration Officers of our lives, managing full-time jobs, kids, extended family, and friends. Erdina Francillon, a Miami native, recognized the need to connect party and event planners with local vendors and streamline an outdated process. 

Every year, party planners in the US spend approximately $1,422 hosting celebrations and weeks organizing them. Hosting involves meticulous planning, from selecting a theme to renting space and hiring caterers, DJs, entertainers, decor, and servers. On average, it takes seven weeks to organize an event. Erdina knew there was a better way to bring the people planning events and vendors together. "Makeup artists have Glam Squad, handy people have Angie's List, and now Celebration companies have Pressy." 

Instead of spending hours researching and contacting multiple vendors for quotes, Pressy enables users to find and book the perfect vendors for their celebration, sorted by date, time, location, and price — simplifying the experience and providing a convenient, all-in-one platform. The platform's concept was born when Erdina was helping a friend research ideas and vendors for a birthday party, baby shower, and bachelorette party taking place all within the same year. 

Born and raised in Miami, Erdina left for college. She moved to Portland, Oregon, and worked for tech giants like Microsoft and Intel in software sales and corporate event management. Back in the early 2000s, people laughed at Erdina’s idea of building a tech company in Miami due to the lack of a proper tech ecosystem. For Erdina, this is the place to be. "It's such a supportive city with great energy because it's a young city with lots of opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals. I’m grateful for Diversity programs, especially initiatives supporting Black entrepreneurs." 

Pressy benefits Celebration Planners and empowers Celebration Vendors, especially new businesses entering the industry. Traditionally, word-of-mouth has driven growth, but Pressy is here to disrupt the norm. It's an opportunity for new celebration businesses to showcase their talents, gain exposure, and skyrocket their success. 

The party planning industry, valued at $16 billion, is expected to grow by 8.3% between 2021 and 2026, representing a tremendous opportunity. Erdina wants to jumpstart the growth of these new businesses, including female business owners in search of a flexible way to spend time with their kids and former corporate executives who discovered new passions during COVID-19.

In the booming "experience economy," consumers seek more than just products or services. They crave special moments and lasting memories. While the wedding industry often takes the spotlight, micro-celebrations are integral to our lives and shape our most cherished memories. Erdina recognizes this inherent human desire for celebration, which fuels her commitment to Pressy's mission.

We celebrate for reasons beyond just wanting to have a good time. She says, "Celebration makes us human, cements us in our place, in memories of feeling loved, and in our psychological development." Even small, impromptu celebrations hold significance, and with Pressy's platform, creating these memorable moments becomes easier than ever before — whether celebrating a success milestone for someone you love or throwing together a last-minute party when the Miami Heat make the Championship.

Pressy facilitates celebrations and fosters a sense of connection and belonging, particularly for newcomers to Miami. Erdina plans to expand Pressy to other cities, catering to those planning bachelorette parties or seeking celebration services while traveling. Her vision is to provide an open shopping experience, making small hospitality and picturesque memories accessible to all.

Through her platform, Erdina helps vendors scale from a one-person operation to a thriving business. Pressy offers economic opportunities and inclusion for various vendors, from bounce-house rentals and charcuterie board makers to hotels, event spaces, and established party planners. 

Instead of spending hours managing a disjointed experience, hustling on Instagram, and taking inquiries via a website form or Direct Messages, Pressy offers a modern way to track sales, sell more, sell earlier, and plan offerings in advance throughout the year. For Erdina, it's a point of pride that her platform will help business owners save money on website costs, advertising, and lead generation. Pressy is quickly growing creators in the event space like Plated Picnic, Boards by DMC, Maza Events, KDecor Consulting, and Jaelle Candle Co. Pressy is also beta testing their platform with hotels and restaurants to reach more clients for part planning offerings.

Erdina credits various programs, such as the Venture Miami, the City of Miami Black History Month Competition, Women in Tech Happy Hours, and the Navigate Accelerator, for supporting her entrepreneurial journey. She notes vulnerability as being a key trait of a successful business owner. Learning from others, asking questions, and recognizing you don't know what you don't know will help you establish your business correctly. The impact of participating in these initiatives has paid off. In 2022, Erdina was one of thirty national winners of the Black Ambition Prize, an investment funded by musician Pharrell Williams and managed by Felecia Hatcher, who is based in Miami.

Pressy is not just transforming celebration planning in Miami; it's creating a meaningful impact by facilitating connections and enabling special moments. That goes for Erdina too, who is planning her pool party bachelorette, complete with a DJ, Haitian and Trinidadian catering, and costumes. Erdina Francillon's dedication to her platform reflects her belief in the power of celebrations to bring people together, make memories, and enjoy life. 

If you are a Celebration Vendor in Miami-Dade, consider joining Pressy to expand your business, reach new customers, and build your brand.

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Written by Emily De Armas

Photo provided by Pressy