Writers Emergency Assistance Fund

American Society of Journalists and Authors

U.S. Citizens and residents
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The Writers Emergency Assistance Fund helps established freelance writers who, because of illness, disability, a natural disaster, or an extraordinary professional crisis, are unable to work.


  • Grant, maximum amount of $3,500
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  • Applicants do not need to be official members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, but must have either of the following credentials:
  • Five published articles from regional or national publications. Unpaid articles and clips written while on staff also count towards associate membership.
  • One book published by a major publishing house. Self-published books will not be considered unless the applicant can demonstrate individual quality of the book via sales or reviews.
  • Grants are not available for beginning freelancers seeking funding for writing projects or to fund works-in-progress of any kind.

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  • Create an account at the link provided to submit an application
  • Have all required documents available (PDF format only) before you begin your application
  • Sometimes there is a kickback when entering your email address. Simply re-input the email address and it will allow you to advance to the next step
  • Takes about 30 minutes to complete an online application
  • The review process for WEAF emergency grants takes approximately 2-4 weeks and is based on volunteer availability. Response times may fluctuate
  • Coronavirus-related funds are only available to those who cannot work because they are currently ill or caring for someone who is ill. Funds are not available to those who have lost work because publishers and/or clients are no longer assigning due to the pandemic.
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  • Samples of your Published Nonfiction Work, such as: covers of books published by established publishers; list of magazine and/or book credits; your bio or CV
  • Medical and household documentation such as medical or professional references to document the disability, crisis or disaster
  • Schedule C and pages 1 and 2 of the 1040 from the income tax return filed for the most recent year in which you made a living as a professional freelance writer
  • Schedule C and pages 1 and 2 of the 1040 from the most recent year in which your income was diminished by disability, illness, or crisis
  • The most recent bank statement(s) from all of your bank accounts, showing the amounts on deposit
  • W9
  • Copies of medical, household and other monthly bills to help the board understand your financial needs

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