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In response to COVID-19, The Pinetop Assistance League is providing emergency grants of up to $500 to elderly musicians in need to help cover the cost of medical and living expenses.


Grants of up to $500 to elderly musicians for medical and living expenses including but not limited to:

  • Temporary home care services
  • Transportation services to and from doctor’s appointments, health and/or social services such as (but not limited to) dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation
  • Transport to and from grocery stores, pharmacies or similar facilities
  • Doctor visits and procedures
  • Emergency services
  • Financial aid for household utilities or other basic living expenses
  • Assistance with burial costs

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  • Must be 50 years or older
  • Plays professionally on stage on a local, regional or national level 
  • Has played on professional albums/CDs 
  • Household adjusted gross income is less than $30,000 

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  • Pinetop Perkins Foundation will give preference to blues artists but musicians in other genres are eligible to apply
  • The Pinetop Assistance League does not disburse funds directly to individuals.  Payments are made by check to the creditor on your behalf
  • If you have any questions contact

This program is currently accepting applications but has a waiting list
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  • One professional reference


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