Financial Assistance for Artists Facing Medical Emergencies

For residents of:

South Florida and beyond

Provided by:

The Artists’ Fellowship

Ideal for:


Emergency aid to professional fine artists and their families facing immediate medical emergencies.

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  • Emergency financial assistance for artists in need.
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  • Need must be current and document not anticipated.
  • Proof of financial hardship due to medical emergency.


  • Visual artists who make their livelihood through sales as reported on a schedule with a U.S. Federal Tax return.

Fine Artist:

  • Those who create art for sale through galleries, private commission or reproduction in mass media.
  • Sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, art photography, fine art ceramics, mixed media, installations, and video are considered "fine art".
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If you need emergency assistance fill out the online application.

If you are unable to fill out an application online, contact the office by email at

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A signed copy of household's most current IRS tax return(s) and Schedule C. You must upload the entire tax document and you will need to provide an explanation if you do not have a Schedule C

A letter detailing the reasons for financial assistance

Copies of official documents supporting the amount requested - these can include but are not limited to the following: 

  • doctor, hospital and other related medical or dental expenses
  • funeral expenses
  • rent and utility bills
  • repair bills to your home and/or studio

Catalogs from exhibitions, magazine articles, or documentation that validates your professional status

Resumé or CV which should include your exhibition history, awards, fellowships, permanent collections or anything similar

If you do not have a website with your current work, you will be asked to upload 10 photographs (JPEGs of 2mb or smaller)