Reimbursement for SNAP Recipients


U.S. Citizens and residents
Coming Soon empowers individuals and communities to maximize generosity around the world by connecting donors with the real-world effects of their donations to increase trust, emotional connection, and convenience in all charitable activities. has set up COVID-19 emergency relief and temporarily redirected all funds to emergency support for families in the SNAP food program.


  • Reimbursement of SNAP grocery purchases up to $50 per family to purchase additional essential goods
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  • Open to all registered recipients of SNAP program
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  • Purchase groceries using your SNAP (EBT) card and save the receipt
  • Download Expensify on iOS or Android and create an account
  • Use SmartScan in the app to take a picture of the receipt — this will confirm that it was paid for with a SNAP (EBT) card
  • Make sure that your SmartScanned expense contains the following details:
  • Merchant name = “Merchant name”
  • Total = Change to $50 if the EBT purchase amount is greater than $50
  • Category = Volunteer Reimbursement
  • Class =
  • Description = “Purchase with SNAP card”
  • Receipt image = Image of the receipt with a clearly legible total of SNAP benefits used

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  • A Registered SNAP (EBT) Card
  • A Receipt from purchase of groceries dated after March 1
  • An account on the Expensify app
  • A bank account linked to Expensify to receive the reimbursed funds


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