Financial Relief for Food and Beverage Workers

For residents of:

South Florida and beyond

Provided by:

Southern Smoke Foundation

Ideal for:

Food and Beverage Workers

Emergency financial assistance to food and beverage workers facing unexpected expenses not covered by insurance.

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  • Emergency funding for food and beverage industry workers to assist with rent, utilities, medical bills, or other similar needs.
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  • To qualify for emergency relief funding you must have worked in the food and beverage industry for a minimum of 6 months and an average of 30 hours per week minimum.
  • Every applicant must show proof of such employment, so please have paycheck stubs and/or W2s available.
  • Must have a need that cannot or will not be covered by insurance.
  • Examples of need include medical bills, a car accident, weather catastrophes, family support assistance, and mental health needs.

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Southern Smoke Foundation’s Emergency Relief Program provides emergency financial assistance to individuals in the food and beverage industry facing unforeseen expenses that cannot or will not be covered by insurance.

Please use the description area within the application to explain your individual crisis in as much detail as possible. Case Managers from Southern Smoke Foundation are assigned to cases based on the urgency of the crisis and not on a first-come-first-served basis

If you have questions, please email

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  • Completed application.
  • W2s or copies of current and previous paychecks or pay stubs. Previous paychecks or pay stubs must be from a date before the incident that led to the need for emergency funding.
  • Lease or mortgage statement and utility bills, if applicable.
  • Photos of any damage(s) if applicable.
  • Any other documentation that you think the Southern Smoke Foundation should see to better understand your experience of loss - like medical bills, HOA notices, repair estimates, etc.