COVID Relief Fund

Positive Legacy & Cloud 9 Adventures

U.S. Citizens and residents
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Positive Legacy & Cloud 9 Adventures have aligned to launch the COVID-19 Relief Fund, a grant program that aims to provide financial support to event gig workers and independent contractors in the live music industry that are facing economic hardship as a result of the global health crisis.


  • One-time grants of to $250 help cover the cost of basic living necessities
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  • Open to all US independent contractors and event gig workers in the live music industry who have suffered financially due to tour or show postponements and cancellations, or actual COVID-19 illness
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Documentation proving financial impact due to COVID-19 from show or tour cancellations, postponements in March-May, and/or actual COVID-19 illness. This includes: 

  • Submitting a copy of your contract with event, proving your involvement in the canceled or postponed event
  • Documentation confirming proof of cancellation or postponement of your event, and/or relevant medical documentation proving your diagnosis

A copy of your most recent tax return, schedule E or 1099 form. (You must be a 1099 contract worker)

Your Social Security number must be visible through the above-mentioned forms, or submitted in the application. 

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