Information you’ll need to provide

Depending on who you contact during an emergency they will likely ask you some personal questions, contact information, and for more information about the emergency you are facing.

Helpful tips

  • Ensure that the phone numbers are saved in more than one location. If power is not available during a storm you will want access to be able to access these phone numbers.
  • Include friends, family, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc that you would potentially contact during a storm or emergency.

About this program

There are multiple organizations that provide emergency-related resources.

  • 911 for Emergencies
  • 311 for Miami-Dade County (not open on Sundays)
  • (305) 476-5423 to contact the police for non-emergencies
  • 1-800-342-3557 for the Florida State Assistance Information Line
  • 1-800-468-8243 to report a dangerous condition such as a downed power line.

Visit our Disaster Assistance page during hurricane season for other alerts and information.

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