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  • To reach out for information you’ll need to provide your ame, email address, phone number, and the program you are interested in applying to. 
  • Once applying, you’ll be asked for additional information.

Helpful tips

Career In A Year has many different programs to fit different interests and needs. A few are listed below. 

  • Adult General Education: This program will help you to take the citizenship exam, learn English as a second language, and/or prepare you for the GED or a High School Diploma.
  • Apprenticeship Training is available in the following areas: Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Pipefitting Technicians, Electricians, Heat and Frost Insulators, Plumbers, Sheet Metal Workers. 
  • Career and Technical Programs: More than 75 career programs, offered across 7 technical colleges and 14 education centers, you could begin a career in Commercial Art, Culinary Art, Construction, Energy, Health Occupations, Information Technology, Licensed Child Care, Personal Services, Manufacturing, and Transportation.
  • Specialty Programs: Additional programs are available that offer students the ability to specialize in a career area of study.

About this program

Provided by: Miami-Dade Technical Colleges & Miami Dade Public Schools 

If you have questions, you can speak with a program representative at:

Program Information: Career In A Year Program 

Additional Information: Rapid Credentialing Program

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