Basic Needs Grant Entertainment Professionals

For residents of:

South Florida and beyond

Provided by:

Behind the Scenes

Ideal for:

Entertainment Technology Professionals

Grant assistance to entertainment technology professionals who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 and are facing financial hardship.

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  • Checks made payable directly to service providers to cover outstanding or upcoming bills.
  • Payments can be sent directly to the provider or to the recipient for distribution.

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Entertainment technology professionals may be eligible for a grant who:

  • Are seriously ill or injured.
  • Currently reside in the US or Canada.
  • Have earned your primary source of income in the entertainment technology industry for at least five years, which includes being directly involved with a production-related craft: behind the scenes in any type of performance venue, or behind the camera, or production support for traveling performances, or work for companies who are directly involved in supplying entertainment technology products and services such as dealers, manufacturers, production companies, consultants, and design firms.
  • Have an immediate, dependent family member such as a spouse/partner or dependent (minor) child who is seriously ill or injured.
  • Performing artists are not eligible.

Applicants do not need to be currently working in the industry as long as their time out of the industry is less than the total time they worked in the industry - unless they are retired or on permanent disability.

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The Basic Needs Application is in Adobe Acrobat format. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free here

Completed applications can be emailed to or printed and then faxed (646-713-2308) or mailed (P.O. Box 109, Lakeville, CT 06039) to Behind the Scenes, with all required supporting documentation.

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  • A letter from your doctor or other documentation of your diagnosis.
  • Proof of at least five years of work history as an entertainment technology professional.
  • Detailed financial information, including assets, liabilities, monthly income and monthly expenses.
  • A current bank statement.
  • Copies of your 2 most recent tax returns.
  • Additional items that are helpful to the Review Committee include a cover letter explaining your situation and copies of outstanding or upcoming bills that you need help paying.