Financial Assistance for Authors with Urgent Need

For residents of:

South Florida and beyond

Provided by:

Authors League Fund

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Assistance to professional writers suffering financial hardship as a result of emergency circumstances, including COVID-19.

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  • No-strings-attached, interest and tax-free loans for professional writers that can be used to cover pressing expenses.
  • If awarded, repayment can be made when and as one is able. This can be in the form of partial repayment, installments, or donations of any amount.

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Recipients of Authors League Fund assistance must be career writers with a substantial body of work in one of more of the following categories:

  • Book authors with at least one title published by an established traditional publisher. Authors with multiple titles are given priority.
  • Journalists, critics, essayists, short story writers, and poets with a substantial body of work in periodicals with a national or broad circulation. Whether print or online, these periodicals must have strong editorial oversight and a sizable readership. This category does not include copywriting, blogging, public relations, and writing for non-periodical websites and corporate clients.
  • The Fund cannot typically assist self-published writers. However, if you are a self-published writer with a record of critical and financial success, we will review your request.

In relation to this Fund, emergency circumstances that are eligible for support include:

  • Writers of any age facing significant income loss due to COVID-19-related layoffs or job/event/article cancellations.
  • Writers of any age in ill health, or supporting a dependent family member in ill health.
  • Writers facing overwhelming medical or dental bills.
  • Writers facing an unexpected loss of income, temporary unemployment/underemployment, eviction, or similar crises.
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The Authors League Fund will provide you with individualized recommendations for aid after you have applied. The team is working with several other relief groups during this crisis and are committed to helping as many writers as possible.

For more information, visit or email

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  • A CV or list of your published work.
  • Explanation of the emergency circumstance that you are currently facing.
  • The Authors League Fund may request copies of tax forms, overdue bills, eviction notices, documentation of medical emergencies, or other items that can help explain your emergency.