Information you’ll need to provide

  • Basic personal information like your full name, email address, date of birth, and phone number.
  • Information about your business, like its name, website, social media, logo, etc.
  • Upload documentation to show proof of your small business registration/ownership.
  • The first detailed response should be a maximum of 750 words about your business's overall vision/mission, the impact it makes on your community, how receiving $50k would impact your business, and how you would use this grant.
  • The second detailed response should be a maximum of 750 words about how your business reflects 1 or 2 of the AT&T Brand Values.

Helpful tips

  • If you want to nominate a woman-owned business, use this link, then scroll to the "Apply/Nominate" section to complete the form.
  • Listed are the AT&T Brand Values: live true, think big, pursue excellence, be there, stand for equality, and make a difference.
  • Below is the scoring rubric judges will use to grade your application. You must earn an average score of more than 75 points to be a finalist or grand prize winner.
    • Alignment with Brand Values: 0-33 points
    • Strength of Story: Overview of Business and Its Purpose: 0-33 points
    • Community Impact: 0-33
  • There is only one grand prize, but there are 4 runner-up prizes. Each runner-up will be rewarded with a $5,000 microgrant.

About this program

Provided by: AT&T

If you have questions, you can speak with a program representative at:

Program Information: She’s Connected

Additional Information: Official Program Rules

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