Information you’ll need to provide

Initial Application:

  • Name and basic contact information
  • Requested loan amount
  • EIN number

For the official loan application you can expect to provide:

  • 2 years of personal and business tax returns.
  • 2 years of Profit & Loss statements.
  • 2 years of your Schedule K-1.
  • Cash flow projections for the next 3 years.
  • Copy of two unexpired IDs (State ID, Voter Registration, or US Passport).
  • Copy of your current executed lease (commercial or residential) or mortgage.
  • Copy of your registration.
  • At least 3 months of business bank statements.
  • Your Business Tax Receipt.

Helpful tips

  • Click here to view a video of the RISE Loan Fund impact on local business owners.
  • All loan recipients will open member accounts with Dade County Federal Credit Union in order to receive and pay funds.

About this program

Provided by: Dade County Federal Credit Union

If you have questions, you can speak with a program representative at: 

Program Information: RISE Miami-Dade

Additional Information: FAQs - English, Spanish, Creole

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