Information you’ll need to provide

This will vary by District, however, you can expect the following: 

  • The completed grant application for your specific District. 
  • Copy of your current Miami-Dade County Local Business Tax Receipt
  • Copy of City Business Tax Receipt if business is located in a City within the County.
  • If business tax receipt is not required by Miami-Dade County, applicants must provide written proof from Miami Dade County Tax Collector’s Department located at 200 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33128.
  • Copy of your active State of Florida Corporation (print copy from An FEIN# must be listed if business is incorporated.
  • Copy of picture ID of owner. 
  • Outside picture of the business location (building, home office, or work vehicle).
  • If you are an elected official or Miami-Dade County employee you must get written approval stating no Conflict of Interest. To obtain this, email and let them know you are applying for a grant and what district you’re from. Write “Requesting written approval letter” in the subject line. They will let you know what your next steps are.
  • State Professional License, if required such as cosmetology license, realtor license, or contractor license.

Helpful tips

  • Check back often. We will update this page as information becomes available.
  • Don’t delay, join a webinar to learn more about the application process. On the first page of each application you will find information on webinar dates held by your District office. These are very useful! There’s one per District, so be sure to mark your calendar.

About this program

Provided by: Miami-Dade County 

If you have questions, you can speak with a program representative at: 

Program Information: Mom and Pop Small Business Grant

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How we can help

If you have questions about the Mom & Pop Grant in your District please reach out to the following District Office directly. If you don’t hear back within 48 hours, send us an email at

District 1: Commissioner Oliver Gilbert, III District Office

  • 16405 NW 25th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33054
  • (305) 474-3011

District 2: Commissioner Jean Monestime

  • 915 N.E. 125th Street, Suite 2A, Miami, FL 33161
  • 305-694-2779 

District 3: Commissioner Keon Hardemon

  • 16405 NW 25th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33054111 NW 1st Street, Suite 220 Miami, FL 33128
  • 305-375-5393

District 4: Commissioner Sally A. Heyman

  • 1380 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Suite 282 Miami, FL 33179
  • 305-787-5999 

District 5: Commissioner Eileen Higgins

  • 2100 Coral Way, Suite 400, Miami, FL 33145
  • 305-375-5924

District 6: Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

  • 1000 SW 57th Avenue, Suite 201, Miami, FL 33144
  • 305-267-6377

District 7: Commissioner Raquel A. Regalado

  • 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 220 Miami, FL 33128
  • 305-375-5680 

District 8: Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins

  • 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 220 Miami, FL 33128
  • 305-375-5218 

District 9: Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee

  • 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 220 Miami, FL 33128
  • 305-375-4832

District 10: Commissioner Javier D. Souto

  • 9766 Coral Way, Suite One, Miami, FL 33165
  • 305-222-2116

District 11: Commissioner Joe A. Martinez

  • 4081 SW 152 Avenue, Unit 21, Miami, FL 33185
  • 305-552-1155

District 12: Chairman Jose "Pepe" Diaz

  • 8345 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33126
  • 305-599-1200

District 13: Commissioner René Garcia

  • 1490 West 68th Street, Suite 101, Hialeah, FL 33014
  • 305-820-8424