Information you’ll need to provide

  • Basic contact information including your name, address, phone number, and business email address. 
  • Details about your business including your business name, start date, and website. 
  • Responses to narrative questions including what makes your company unique, what indicators do you have that your product/service is in demand, and how does your company do good in the world. 
  • A high-res picture of yourself. 
  • A $50 application fee.

Helpful tips

Note: This program has an application fee of $50. 

To be considered as a grant finalist, be sure to follow these instructions: 

  • Write your “WHY” on your hand and get a picture. 
  • Post your picture on a public business Instagram account, Facebook page, or LinkedIn page. It must be a lasting post (not a Story) shared during the application window.
  • Tag @themamaladder (grant host) and @loweshomeimprovement (lead sponsor).
  • Include the #highfivegrant hashtag.

About this program

Provided by: The Mama Ladder

Program Information: HIGH FIVE Grant for Moms

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