Add or expand outdoor seating for your local restaurant in Miami

For businesses in:

City of Miami

Provided by:

The City of Miami

Ideal for:

Restaurants, Cafés, Bars

<p>In an effort to help Miami restaurants get up and running following the COVID-19 shutdown, the City of Miami has created the Restaurant Recovery Program, which allows restaurants to temporarily add or expand outdoor seating areas while meeting social distancing requirements.</p>

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  • Temporary addition or expansion of outdoor seating areas for restaurants
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  • Applicants must have a valid City of Miami Certificate of Use for “restaurant” or “food service establishment”
  • Alcohol service establishments, (bars, taverns, pubs, night clubs, banquet halls, etc.) may only continue to serve food for delivery or take out
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To apply you will need:

  • Proof of Insurance - Photo / Electronic Copy (Read Full Requirements | See Sample Document)
  • Your Business Tax Receipt (BTR) - Photo / Electronic Copy
  • Your Alcohol License Number (If Applicable)
  • A narrative description of the design concept, intended use for the space, furnishings to be included, enhancement of streetscape, and maintenance plan
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